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Karen Lee Bertiger Lic. Real Estate Broker

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Property Marketing

Certified Real Estate Digital Marketer Offering (REDM)

Advanced Real Estate Marketing in Vero Beach, FL & Scottsdale, AZ

In Florida, you can work with a broker is who neither a subagent for sellers nor a buyer's agent. The legal presumption in Florida is that the broker is acting as a transaction broker. You should know what this means for your personal and business interests.

Real property marketing effectiveness can be tracked, analyzed for engagement, etc. in the new digital age. Placing properties on websites or in MLSs is no longer the most effective way to market real estate. The buyers and investors are bored by the historical methods of marketing in real estate. Most consider them a waste of their time. They aren't looking for brokers, they're looking for properties that fit their goals. That's why you won't find me marketing properties on THIS website. This is my "let's get acquainted" website that allows you to determine whether to have a conversation with me. I'm a wealth builder, not just a broker.

As a certified digital marketer (REDM,) Karen strongly encourages you to understand the options for marketing your properties as well as reducing your liability and increasing the effectiveness of any representative you may use in brokerage services or real estate marketing in Vero Beach, FL & Scottsdale, AZ

Single Agents

Traditionally, listing agents are known as single agents across many states. In Florida, they are classified legally as your agent when you sign an exclusive right to sell agreement with the broker specifying they are a single agent. Read the agency portions of any marketing, listing, or buyer's representation disclosures and agreements very carefully. If you are not familiar with real estate agreements, request the broker explain to your satisfaction the agreements you are requested to sign. You should also consult an attorney regarding how this might affect your specific situation.

Limited Agents

A majority of brokers will request to act as a limited agent, which has a legal definition. This is a different situation than dual agency (legal in some states, including Arizona). Call Karen to discuss owning property in her "Super Zip Code" area.

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