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Karen Lee Bertiger Lic. Real Estate Broker

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Karen Lee Bertiger - Trusted Broker for Investment Properties

When you are interested in owning investment property in either Florida or Arizona, turn to Karen, a licensed real estate broker in Vero Beach.  Since 1983 in Arizona, 2003 in Florida and as an investor since 1976, she provides expert property location services for investment buying or leasing purposes through a written scope of service agreement. Many prospective clients are shocked to learn the reasons why they should insist on having this agreement. It offers you protection, because it provides clarity of the services and products you agree to use or purchase. Karen believes in full disclosure and education for prospects and clients. Even if you consider yourself well-informed in real estate matters, practices are constantly changing. She also works with other licensed real estate brokers throughout Florida, Arizona and the United States who execute a consultation agreement, compensation agreement or buyer registration with her. For less formal advice, you can book a phone consultation and pay through PayPal.

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As a licensed and trusted real estate broker in Vero Beach, Florida, Karen has over 35 years of experience in this industry, including working for the government of Arizona and co-founding the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy. Her boutique investment firm provides personalized service and focuses on finding properties for businesses or individuals who invest for financial planning. She has the experience, competence, and knowledge to help you secure an investment property and determine the right strategy for achieving your dream life.

You are not required to work with a listing agent when purchasing a home or investment property, but this potentially leaves you unrepresented. Likewise, not hiring an attorney to review your contract puts you at a legal disadvantage. You may also want your own real estate representative who can isolate your deal strategy from other brokers.

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